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Connexion Bizarre update 20101228

During the past week, Connexion Bizarre was updated with a couple of podcasts and reviews as well as some recommendadions of freely available releases.

Since this is the last mailing/update of 2010, it also time to present our staff's selection of releases worthy of note in 2010. A wide variety of names (some of them relatively well-known) proving that tastes are eclectic and that there is still really a lot of good stuff out there to be discovered. View the lists here.

Also, this year we also tried to be play pre-cog and place some bets on some stuff to watch out for in 2011 - subject to our staff's taste and inclinations but you can check our thoughts on coming festivals, releases, labels and tendencies: Bang Face, Bloc, Milhde Festa, Resistanz, Chrysalide, Signifier and Cassette Sub-Cultures... Read it here.

"Kate's Sonic Stew" with music selection by MissyK8
"Countdown to Christmas 2010 (part 3): Party & Free (As In Beer)" with music selection by M.
Podcast tracklists


Troum – Autopoiesis / Nahtscato
If you're new to Troum, this could be a good starting point, although the only real complaint, which might put newcomers off, would be that occasionally things may become repetitive and overly simple. But for the main part, here are some really fine, deep drones!

Various – Acid Futures Vol. 1 & 2
“Acid Futures”, a colossal two-disc compilation from The Centrifuge, a UK-based electronic arts collective, will go a long way toward satisfying the full spectrum of cravings for die-hard acid lovers and the acid curious alike.

Recommended Free Releases
Dicepeople "Time To Play"
Glatze "Glatze EP" (The Centrifuge)
Graham O'Brien "Live Drums" (NOECHO Records)
Myrrman "PorNOsmagoria" (Cold Graey)
Roy of the Ravers "2010 Annual EP" (The Centrifuge)
Stpocold "What Happened Outside" (Cold Graey)
The Tleilaxu Music Machine "Diamond Eyed Coyote"

And that's about it for this week's update. More to come next week...
All the best,
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